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Advantages of joining:
With China's sustained economic growth, people's living standards improve benefits, home decoration industry has become a main industry to millions of households. Wherein the wood flooring industry has witnessed rapid development, from 1990 to 2014 National wood flooring manufacturers amounted to more than 5000, the industry product homogeneity, market a fierce competitive situation. Chuangnuo'er Chong Chi Nano heat the floor as a new product, compared with the traditional way of heating mining, not only heating up faster, higher heat transfer rates, but also easier to use and requires virtually no maintenance, loved by consumers, the market is facing huge vacancy, has a huge market prospects. Noel Chong Chi Nano warm floor, worldwide selection system, a century growing superior natural rainforest wood species selection, precious wood, noble descent. Epoch-making non-metallic heat generation technology, which gives the floor heating power new features. While introducing infrared therapy, the perfect realization of the floor, heating, health care triple multiple effects.

Service advantage:
Chuangnuo'er enterprise has consistently uphold professional 361 degree gold babysitting service concept, market-oriented, the development of full-service and management system, one close tracking service, the first time to resolve customer problems, meet the needs of different customer groups, pay attention to every the details of the process, people can stay at home and enjoy thoughtful pre-sale, service, customer satisfaction, the user feel at ease.

Five outstanding team:

Chuangnuo'er create professional management team, from the production, marketing, sale, and other company-wide operation carried out all-round professional management.
Chuangnuo'er Year R & D team after years of effort, has developed a nano-technology-chi thermal cross-age sense, to achieve the warm floor, one three treatments.
Chuangnuo'er Chong professional production team to ensure the proper functioning of each part of the production line and in front of each piece of flooring manufactured to stringent testing to ensure product quality rate.
Chuangnuo'er create professional marketing team in the service of every dealer support and help dealers complete quarterly and annual mission objectives and achieve win situation.
Chuangnuo'er has always been adhering to the professional record of 361 gold babysitting service concept, professional service team 24 hours non-stop service to every customer, excluding customer tired brain.